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Elevate Your Oral Care with Seven Oral Care's SuperBrush Electric Toothbrush

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Buy Electric Toothbrush Online for Oral Hygiene At Seven Oral Care

A bright smile reflects confidence, but good oral hygiene is about more than just looks. When you take good care of your oral health, your teeth can last a lifetime!

Good oral hygiene-

  • Prevents cavities and tooth decay
  • Minimizes gum diseases
  • Prevents bad breath
  • Improves overall health

And electric toothbrushes can be a complete game-changer for your oral care routine!

They provide a more efficient cleaning experience. Their vibration allows for micro-movements resulting in superior plaque removal. They also reduce the risk of gum disease.

At Seven Oral Care, we are committed to your oral health, and our SuperBrush Electric Toothbrush Kit is a testament to our commitment. The SuperBrush Kit includes everything you need for comprehensive oral care:

  • 1 SuperBrush body- It is a combination of cutting-edge technology and super stylish design to provide you with the best brushing experience.
  • 1 brush head- The brush head is small to ensure that it reaches every possible corner of your mouth and comes with W-shaped soft DuPont bristles. Really, the best of its kind!
  • 1 travel case- The toothbrush kit comes with a travel-friendly vegan leather case that matches the color of your brush. It couldn't get any more stylish, could it?
  • 1 charging stand with wire- It ensures that you can conveniently charge your superbrush.
  • 1 adapter- The super brush kit also comes with an adapter so as to ensure power compatibility for you to connect your super brush with different power outlets.

But why should you go for Seven Oral Care’s SuperBrush kit?

  • SuperBrush Body: Our true sonic toothbrush, SuperBrush, boasts true sonic technology with 7 superpowers, offering vibrations ranging from 24,000-33,000 per minute. This means you get thorough yet gentle cleaning, reaching even the most inaccessible corners of your mouth.
  • W-shaped Soft DuPont Bristles: These bristles effectively remove at least 5 times more plaque than other toothbrushes.
  • Built-in Tongue Scraper: The built-in tongue scraper ensures fresher breath than ever before.
  • Different Modes for Different Moods: With this sonic toothbrush, choose from a range of modes to suit every moment:
  1. Start your day with our powerful mode for lasting freshness 
  2. Switch to deep-cleaning mode for a night of freshness or 
  3. Opt for gentle care with 'Need Some Love' mode, ideal for sensitive teeth.
  • Brush Head Replacement Reminder: Our toothbrush helps you remember when it's time for a replacement by dropping a gentle reminder.
  • 60 Days Battery Life: Our SuperBrush power toothbrush comes with an electric toothbrush charger. You can go longer between charges, making it a convenient choice for your busy lifestyle.
  • Waterproof IPx8: Use your SuperBrush in the shower without worries.

Most importantly, Seven Oral Care Superbrushes are crafted by dental experts, making them the ultimate authority on oral care!

So, when you invest in your oral hygiene with Seven Oral Care's Sonic Electric Toothbrush, you make a lasting change in the way you care for your teeth. You discover a whole new way to brush!

Don't settle for ordinary oral care; choose extraordinary—choose Seven Oral Care!

Types of Electric Toothbrushes

Discover the Perfect Automatic Toothbrush for Your Needs.

There are several types of power toothbrushes available to meet your specific requirements:

  1. Sonic Toothbrush: These toothbrushes use high-frequency vibrations to produce dynamic cleaning action. They effectively dislodge plaque and debris from your teeth and gums. Their rapid movements make them incredibly efficient.
  2. Rotary or Oscillating Toothbrush: With rotating bristle heads, these toothbrushes provide a thorough and consistent clean. The circular movements help remove plaque and keep your teeth and gums healthy.
  3. Ultrasonic Toothbrush: Ultrasonic technology takes cleaning to another level. These toothbrushes emit ultrasonic waves. This creates tiny bubbles in the toothpaste that implode. It ensures that plaque gets removed even from hard-to-reach areas.
  4. Travel-Friendly Toothbrush: These toothbrushes are perfect for those who continuously travel. They are compact and portable. They ensure you can maintain your oral hygiene routine, even when you are away from home.
  5. Disposable Electric Toothbrush: Designed for convenience, these battery brushes are often used by travelers. They come pre-loaded with toothpaste, and once you are done, you can dispose of them.

Electric vs Manual Toothbrush: Which Is Better?

Choosing the Right Brush for You!

  • Efficiency:

With manual toothbrushes covering every corner of your mouth is a challenge. Vibrating brushes are designed for superior cleaning. As an automatic toothbrush, they reach all corners of your mouth with small brush heads. Their softer bristles are gentle on your gums and offer a gentle yet thorough brushing experience.

  • Built-in Timer: 

Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes each time. But studies point out that with a manual toothbrush, people brush for barely 30-45 seconds!

The built-in timer in the automatic toothbrush guarantees you dedicate the optimal time to brushing, guiding you through different areas of your mouth. This feature is especially advantageous for individuals with limited motor skills and those on tight schedules.

  • Plaque and Germ Removal: 

With manual toothbrushes it is difficult to thoroughly remove plague and germs as accessing each corner of the mouth is not easy. Electric toothbrushes as vibrating brushes with their oscillating and rotating brush heads provide a deep clean that surpasses what a manual toothbrush can achieve.

  • Sustainability:

Most manual toothbrushes are made of plastic and have to be disposed of every 3 months. Electric brushes are rechargeable and come with replaceable brush heads. This eliminates the need to discard the entire toothbrush every few months. Hence, they reduce waste and also save your money.

  • Kid-Friendly: 

Getting your kid to brush their teeth is challenging with manual toothbrushes. They find it boring and it is difficult to ensure that they clean their teeth efficiently. Electric brushes make it easier. With built-in timers and engaging features like fun and colourful designs, kids are more likely to embrace them in their daily routines.

How to Use an Electric Toothbrush

Master the Art of Electric Brushing!

Using an electric toothbrush is as simple as using a manual toothbrush minus the effort:

  1. Apply Toothpaste: Start by applying toothpaste to the bristles.
  2. Position in Mouth: Place the brush in your mouth before turning it on. This prevents the splattering of toothpaste.
  3. Brush Thoroughly: Choose the mode you want. Start brushing with your front teeth. Slowly work your way to those in the back. Let the brush do the work. Avoid applying excessive pressure.
  4. Cover Every Quadrant: Ensure you brush all four quadrants of your mouth, typically spending 30 seconds on each. Many electric brushes have built-in timers to guide you.
  5. Rinse: After brushing, rinse your mouth and the brush head thoroughly.

Benefits of Electric Toothbrush

The Advantages of Upgrading Your Brushing Routine. Switching to an electric toothbrush offers a range of benefits:

  • Superior plaque removal
  • Prevents gum disease and cavities
  • Timer for a thorough cleaning
  • Improved oral hygiene in less time
  • Gentle on gums

FAQs on Sonic Electric Toothbrush 

Which type of electric toothbrush is best? 

The best power toothbrush depends on your specific oral health requirements and also your personal preferences. Sonic toothbrushes and oscillatory toothbrushes are more popular in general. But you need to keep your oral health requirement in mind before choosing.

Is an electric toothbrush good for braces? 

Absolutely. Electric Sonic toothbrushes efficiently cleans around braces. Navigating around braces is often a challenge with manual toothbrushes. But with most electric brushes it is easier to thoroughly clean teeth with braces.

How long do electric toothbrushes last? 

It depends on the brand you choose. But generally they can last upto few years although brush heads should be replaced every few months. Our SuperBrush Kit is built to last and even comes with a 1-year warranty.

Is an electric toothbrush better than a manual? 

In most cases, yes. Electric toothbrushes provide more consistent and efficient cleaning using sonic, vibrating or oscillating movements. Even dentists recommend them for a better cleaning experience.