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The SuperBrush x Rhea Kapoor

The SuperBrush x Rhea Kapoor

True sonic technology. 7 superpowers.

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Product Description

The SuperBrush has vibrations ranging from 24,000-33,000 per minute to give you thorough yet gentle cleaning. The small brush head reaches the tightest corners of your mouth while the W shaped soft DuPont bristles effectively remove at least 5x more plaque than other toothbrushes. The built-in tongue scraper ensures fresher than ever breath. Discover a whole new way to brush!

1 SuperBrush body
1 brush head
1 travel case
1 charging stand with wire
1 adapter


Warranty: 1 year

Care Instructions

  • This product has a built-in lithium battery that should not be exposed to high temperatures or
    direct sunlight for a prolonged period.
  • If the charging power cord is damaged, please replace it immediately.
  • We recommend you use the adaptor provided with the charging cord for optimal results.
  • Do not soak the toothbrush in water or any other liquids for a long time as it can corrode the
    body of the toothbrush.
  • This product is only suitable for cleaning the mouth, please do not use it for any other purposes (we can’t believe we actually have to write this!)
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Different modes for different moods

Different modes for different moods

Start the day right!

Strongest mode to supercharge your mornings, for that extra-clean, all-day smile.

Prep For Tomorrow!

End of the day, deep-cleaning mode leaving you with all-night freshness.

Need Some Love?

For sensitive teeth or those in need of a thorough yet gentle ultra-fresh cleanse.

  • You may forget, your brush won’t

    Brush head replacement reminder

  • Fresher than ever breath

    Built in tongue cleaner

  • Go longer. 3x loooonger.

    60 Days Battery Life

  • Brush in the shower

    Water Proof IPx8

Kit Contents

1 brush head 
1 Super Brush body 
1 travel case 
1 charging stand with wire 
1 adapter

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Customer Reviews

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Rajeswari Frederic Vemula
Bang 💥

I am using this brush from a week,I have to say that it cleans the teeth like a mini dental clean up,it will make you wonder whether we cleaning in proper way till now,and the beautiful aesthetic touch make it stand out,makes be brush twice a day very happily,and the battery life is wow,the quality we are paying for,waiting for more bang products to come from seven oral ❤️

Still got questions?

What is the difference between an electric toothbrush and a sonic toothbrush?

Electric toothbrushes vibrate at between 2,500-7,500 strokes per minute whereas sonic toothbrushes vibrate at above 24,000 strokes per minute! 10 times more vibrations per minute means at least 5 times more plaque removal, leaving you feeling cleaner than ever.

Is the SuperBrush really a sonic toothbrush?

Yes, your SuperBrush is made with TRUE sonic technology. How’s that, you ask? Across our three smart modes, the SuperBrush cycles between vibrations ranging from 24,000-33,000 strokes per minute - perfectly mimicking a clean-up at the dentist. Less visits to the dentist for you!

How often do I need to charge my SuperBrush?

This is our favourite question. One overnight charge of 10 hours gives you a battery life of *drumroll* 60 DAYS (brushing being twice a day). This means you only need to charge your SuperBrush 6 times a year! 

Why are the SuperBrush bristles shaped like that?

The SuperBrush is made of soft DuPont bristles. They are uniquely W shaped to adapt to your teeth perfectly and clean all the spaces between your teeth.

Why is the brush head smaller than my regular toothbrush?

Studies have shown that the last teeth are most prone to cavities because most brush heads don’t clean there effectively. The small head shape of the SuperBrush is designed to go into the tightest spaces of your mouth for that super deep clean.

How long is the warranty on the SuperBrush?

We’ve got you covered! Your SuperBrush comes with a warranty of 1 year, make sure you register your warranty within 30 days of buying your SuperBrush for it to be valid.